Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goat Pen

We finished fencing in the goat pen area last Saturday using cattle panels! The enclosure included a lot a different things for the goats to do. Above is a picture of "goat mountain" with old railroad ties providing a bit of a balance beam.

This is one of the two spools in the pen for the goats to jump on. A few rocks can be seen in the background.

This is a small pasture area that provides them room to run and/or graze.

Of course Chip had other ideas about our project being finished.

Chip demonstrates that even though he looks fat ........

...... he can somehow squeeze through the wires and escape the enclosure. Infuriating! We are now in the process of stringing chicken wire along the bottom of the cattle panels to prevent Chip from escaping.


  1. Tee hee! Yes, yes, we have the same problem. Right now, our goat moms (mini-Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf) are too big to get out through the panels, but when they were younger they could, and now their kids do too. The kids always go back in to be with mom though, so it's not too bad. They run around the yard for 5 minutes and slip back in before anybody can come out and chase them back in!

  2. Oh dear! I was just fretting over this very thing and researching different fencing for baby goats....I hear that they are able to squeeze through very little spaces.

  3. I think the chicken wire will do the trick, but two types of fencing is expensive.....

  4. We have used lots of cattle panels around here, also.
    Our problem was Annie the goat getting her head in the panels. She has large horns. Since the panels don't stretch like wire, it was hard getting her head out and out. Finally she stopped. I just didn't want to cut her horns off.
    Chip sure is a cutie pie!

    Have a great weekend.