Monday, May 17, 2010

Mishaps Are Us

Our new Amish built chicken coop arrived Saturday! Unfortunately, it arrived 10 days early, the delivery vehicle created a few large ruts in the grass, and since it couldn't maneuver exactly to the placement sight the coop angles down about 5 degrees to the left. The sight consists of wood chips so a shovel and some strong arms should be able to remedy the situation.

The inside of this thing has one of those removable Plexiglas like floors for ease of cleaning. The fencing isn't in-place yet, but the chickens and guineas don't arrive until early June so we have a bit of time still.

The chipper wars continued with a vengeance this weekend, with the Commander chipping for at least seven hours and reducing six huge brush piles to bits. Unfortunately, someone filled the gas can with DIESEL fuel so when the Commander refilled the tank things ground to a halt. I researched this issue on the net and it appears that if the tank is drained and refilled all should be well - whew, I would hate to think that the new chipper had been destroyed.

The painting on the shed is almost complete! I would estimate that the red coat is 90% done. Unfortunately, I tweaked my back trying to move the ladder Saturday so I have been having to take it easy ever since. The white trim can wait a little bit longer. If we ever get another building we are definitely going to paint the boards before it is assembled.

If I feel better we hope to plant the garden this week, at least the radishes.


  1. Thats a pretty cute chicken coop! Those chicks are gonna love it in there. :-)

    Im glad that you got the gasoline issue figured out. That could have ended very differently.

  2. Holy Monkeys... I'm so jealous of your chicken coop! It's gorgeous and I love the colors!

    I'm glad your chipper's going to be ok... :S
    That's something I'd end up doing!