Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Vacancy - Yet!

A flock/gaggle? of turkeys has been wandering up and down the road in front of our house for several weeks. Today, it appears one HUGE Tom decided to see if our poultry area was complete enough to move into. Sara didn't know what to make of him, and he didn't want to get any closer to her than necessary. It appears that they came to a mutual decision to part company without any confrontation. (click on the picture for a close up)

Maybe we need to put out a sign; "Trespassers Will Be Eaten!" We decided against this just in case the bears/wolves/etc... considered US trespassers. The picture doesn't do this Tom justice, he was really big and amazingly colorful. We were thinking about turkeys for next year, even if they seem to want to move in now.


  1. Hi Chai! What a handsome Tom you had come to visit you. We have never had turkeys but they sure are appealing!

    You asked about our fence posts. We used a combination of things.
    1. several 4x4 treated posts that we sunk 3 feet into the ground.
    2. some metal t-posts for additional support
    3. Conveniently located large-trunk trees that happened to be in the partially wooded area that we fenced.
    4. Black Locust boughs that we harvested ourselves, about 4 inch diameter.
    5. Two conveniently located stumps courtesy of a family of beavers.

  2. Would you believe a group of turkeys is a "rafter"? I think the Victorians had way too much time on thier hands...

    Nice pics!


  3. Claire, Thanks for the information.

    Cat, Should you be embarrassed or should I that we now know that a group of turkeys is called a rafter?

    BtB, The Tom does look good, so good that we will be getting turkeys next year.