Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goat Jail

While my father was here he built a wonderful birthing stall in the goat shed.

Addison, who may be the first to use it this June, appears to like the looks of things.

Here are the four apple trees that we planted yesterday. In just 3-4 short years, assuming the deer/rabbits/goats/sheep/army worms/insects/mother nature don't kill them, we should be able to make our own apple pies.


  1. Well, its a good thing you dont have anything at your place that might want to eat an apple tree. :-) We just added a new apple tree to our property this season, too. Honeycrisp. What kind did you plant?

  2. We added 2 Honeycrisp and 2 Zestar. The nursery recommended two different breeds to increase cross pollination. Both breeds have been developed by the Univ of Minn to withstand temperatures down to 30 below.

  3. Lovely birthing stall. Very civilized. My goats are very impressed. We have a Honeycrisp, a Haralson, a Macintosh, and a Liberty apple. Not all of them had blooms this year but it must be due to the very cold winter temps that we had this year. Grumble.