Saturday, March 24, 2012

CDT Time for the Sheep

About two to four weeks before the sheep are due to lamb is when I give them their CDT shots. This will give the lambs some immunity until they are old enough to get a booster.

I also use this time to trim hooves and give everyone a bit of probiotics. The coffee is critical to the entire evolution. The brown paper bag holds epinephrin in case one of the sheep have a reaction to the shot.

I usually try to give the shot in the loose skin just behind one of the front forelegs. Once the needle is inserted I always pull back a bit on the plunger for the syringe to see if I draw blood. Blood means I have hit a vein, very bad for an injection. If I don't draw blood I continue with the injection. Make sure that the needle doesn't go in and puncture out through the skin further on, this is caused by long needles or not being able to see due to too much wool.

The sheep are easy to catch but hard to hold, especially the Icelandics. The Cascades are so much easier to handle - sheep sized right!


  1. Besides making sure the needle doesn't go out the other side make sure fingers are not in the way, lol. Been there done that especially on wiggly lambs.

  2. I hope it went well! I can't wait to see the babies in a month!! :)

  3. Yes....I need to give the goats their cdt.....I hate giving injections!

  4. Tombstone - That is why I have the Commander hold them, he will sing out when poked.

    Lynn - Me too. The sheep are crazy smart and don't trust us for days after we corner them for shots.

    Niece - The biggest problem is finding the right gauge and length for the needles. Did you know that many livestock needles are human needles that have passed there expiration date? The Commander doubted me when I told him needles had expiration dates!

  5. cd/t's are on my to-do list today too....have you ever had a sheep have a reaction to their shot??? I've never heard of I'm a little paranoid! LOL
    Icelandics are kind of of my girls is as big as some of my rams...and none too pleased to be manhandled. The Major gets to wrangle her :P

  6. Stacy - I have never had any animal have a reaction but I like being prepared. You are correct about the size of these girls, they are bigger than our rams including the Icelandic one. I can't believe how wide Lara is and she still has another week to go!