Friday, March 9, 2012

Coming Soon - Eggs!

So far in the 68 days of 2012 my 7 laying hens have giving me 110 eggs, just over 1 per day. With Spring right around the corner I was expecting the production to pick up, but yesterday they surprised me with 6 eggs!

I think the little egg is from the lone hatchling from last year, she gave me another one today exactly the same size. With the temperatures set to be in the 50's tomorrow I'm hoping for a big laying weekend!


  1. Wooo! Eggs!!!
    My max per day so far this year has been 4 and I was *so* excited. Of course, less exciting is that I have (supposedly) 10 laying hens...
    however, in their defense, they *are* 4 years old now.
    I totally need to do my YTD tally. I'll get back to you on that. :-)

  2. Danni - After 1 egg yesterday I got six again today, looks like they are back in full production!

  3. I am finally getting 7 a day from my 13 hens - it's been so dark and rainy, it's only been 3 or so for a looooong time. Hope you get lots of eggs!

  4. Nancy - Thanks, I love having fresh eggs at home!