Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hauling Hay!

Someone around here has been overfeeding the animals (the Commander)so the hay that was supposed to last until Spring didn't. Fortunately our hay supplier is local, has plenty of bales stored, and most happily he delivers!

Unfortunately the 75 bales of hay in the garage have to now be hauled through the newly fallen 20+ inches of snow to the goat barn.....

...and to the sheep barn, and to the ran barn (not pictured). There is no way the wheel barrow is going to make it through the snow and I last saw the sled BEFORE the most recent blizzard so it looks like the Commander has a lot of hauling in his future.


  1. On, no... I'm the guilty one here at our place... I'm the overfeeder. We have six bales left and that should last our three llamas for almost six more weeks... so we might pick up one or two. We've had a LOT of waste, though, this winter, with it's calm temps and no snow.

  2. I hope at the price of hay this year that you did not have to refinance the homestead to pay for it.

    Does the Commander have 4WD?

    Love Molly's picture.

    Stay warm and stay dry.

  3. It's always scary when the hay runs low.

  4. I'm glad you have hay available. We had to put our last load of hay in the garage because the mud in the field by the hay barn would suck the truck and the quad under. At our house I'm the one who is guilty of overfeeding so I can empathise with the Commander!

  5. What a long way to haul! I bet the Commander will definitely learn a lesson or two! ;)

  6. Mary Ann - The goats waste more than they eat but the sheep will just eat all day long. I don't want then to get too fat as any pregnant ones may have difficult birthings.

    Tombstone - He has either one wheel drive (wheel barrow) or two foot drive, no motorized assistance. From what I have heard a lot of hay from MN was sent south last year and the price of hay is continuing to skyrocket. The farmer we get it from tells us we are safe as an established customer but I have heard some bad stories from others out there.

    Teresa - We probably had a little over a week left but it would have to have been moved on a daily basis from the goat barn to the others - not an easy task in the snow.

    RHJF - I hope he learns from this for next Winter!

    Autumn - He says he doesn't mind the exercise...