Friday, March 16, 2012

Statistics Page

I enjoy peeking at the statistics page from time to time to see what oddities brings folks to the blog.  This one caught my eye yesterday, it seems someone did a Google search for "Water+Nipple+Picture."

I said to myself, "Self, how in the world did that search direct someone to this blog?"

Follow this link if you are curious.

To say that I am shocked is an understatement.  Chip isn't happy either.


  1. I really get a chuckle sometimes from the search terms that get people to my blog.

  2. I looked at mine..for the first know what search directs people to my page most often?? Shocking as it is....the word "vulva". second is "sheep vulva". *shakes head* LOL

  3. the strangest things come up when you read the stats page...


  4. Ok, I was curious and went to your picture link. I knew it was your blog, so I had to be safe. I would never google that, who knows what would turn up, other than your blog, that is!!!!


  5. Teresa - Sometimes (as in this case) it seems that the "search" has absolutely nothing to do with the end result.

    Stace - I called the Commander over to read your comment and we both laughed and laughed. Sometimes I'm happy that I don't know the people on the other end of those type searches.

    Cat - I think the search that brings random people here the most is one I did about the rams called "Horny Boys". Yuck!

    Lynn - Chip is very ashamed. I went back and read that post and it had nothing to do with the search...weird.