Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning, Goat Edition

The last post was about cleaning the sheep barn, that didn't go over too well with the goats who always want to come first. To placate the drama queens we cleaned their barn right after we finished up with the sheep.

The waste hay was quite deep in the goat barn too. Note how high the hay comes up to the feed basket.

While the goats may have wanted their barn cleaned they in no way expected to help clean it themselves, that is why they have we human servants around.

At one point during the cleaning process the Commander looked up at me and stated; "You have to feel this waste hay, it is hot to the touch! There must be some type of chemical reaction going on."

As I looked down at him I said to myself; "Self, what in our history together would give the Commander the idea that I would actually take off my gloves to feel the warmth generated by decomposing poo and pee in goat waste hay?" Of course I didn't say that out loud, I just told him I'd take his word for it.

The goats really do waste so much hay, I had no idea how deep it had gotten in there. At least (according the the Commander) they were warm.  I spread a little DE down to keep the vermin out and turned the goats back loose inside there newly clean barn.  I love the sound of their little hooves echoing across the yard as they bounce around inside the barn on its wood floor.


  1. :) I love reading your blog. I can get my goat fix without having to own goats. It's perfect. :)

  2. I would be most grateful if someone would clean my house so well.

  3. Our sheep pens are full of composting hay/poo too...we pile it up and use it for the garden. It makes the BEST fertilizer. I have to do my sheep pen as well...right now it's impossible to get to with a wheel barrow or tractor though...hay stacked in the barn is blocking me..and the mud outside is blocking the other way...*sigh*...I really need a better set up in my barn for the critters LOL :P

  4. OK, I have a question. That's a wood floor, right? I've always been afraid to keep a deep bed of hay in the goat barn as I was afraid all the decomposing would ruin the wood floor. Theoretically we're soon building a new barn just for the goats and it will have a gravel / dirt floor just so I can deep bed during the winter months.

    And isn't it just INFURIATING how much hay the goats waste?!!? Drives me batty!

  5. Rae - Standby for a lot more goat action as kidding season is right around the corner!

    rkbsnana - One would think the goats would be more appreciative, but they aren't. I think they get the "You are my servant" attitude from cats.

    Stace - We got these barns cleaned out at just the right time. The ground was still a little frozen so the mud was in check but the compost was thawed so it was easy to clean up. If I tried to clean them today we would be awash in mud too.

    Carolyn - I had the same worry about rotting the floor. The builder used pressure treated or green treated wood for the floors. Much more rot resistant but still safe for the animals.