Monday, November 22, 2010

First Eggs, Sadly

Today while I was out feeding the chickens I made a bitter-sweet discovery in the coop, four eggs. These were the first eggs that our chickens have produced, but sadly, one was crushed, two were cracked, and the last one was frozen.

Neither myself nor the Commander have been checking the egg boxes for eggs, so I'm not exactly sure when the laying began. With winter here in full force I didn't think they would begin laying until next spring.

Once I discovered the eggs I went and got fresh straw for the egg boxes and plan to check on them twice daily from now on. The next egg will be a Kodak moment, I'm sorry the first four were wasted.

The house chicken, Honey, is continuing to mend. Just yesterday the Commander commented; "Wouldn't it be funny if the house chicken laid the first egg." Too late!


  1. Sorry about your eggs. I hope you get more tomorrow. There is nothing like farm eggs.

  2. I love when a new flock begins laying eggs (which reminds me I need to trudge out to the tack room where I left the one sad egg I get a day these days. My hens are molting.

    Glad to hear Honey is getting better!

  3. Oh dear...I'm so sorry for you Chai Chai, and the mother hen. Better luck next time.

  4. Yay - Eggs!

    All of my spring chicks have begun sporadically in the fall. This coming spring they'll be in full force and the eggs will get larger.

    You might have a problem with eggs freezing, I'd think. Unless you've managed to get your chicken house warm enough. We've got a large house compared to the number of chickens, so it doesn't stay really warm in there. They huddle in a group together on the roosts to keep warm.


  5. It's hard to bank on those first eggs working out perfectly. Glad to hear they've started though! Always exciting.

  6. FBMKW/GrandPa, More eggs today!

    Nancy, Honey is getting stronger, she loves looking in the mirror at the "other" house chicken.

    Faith, To prevent freezing I just need to get out and check several times a day, brrr.

    LBSS, I really am excited, finally a payoff!