Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Smiled all the way Home

I picked up Addison and Becca Boo after the breeder called and told me to expect "kids" around April Fools day. They were a bit stinky after having spent a week with a handsome buck, but I was so happy to have them home.

Addison checked out the barn to make sure nothing had changed, now that the Queen is home things have to be just so.

Becca Boo seemed very happy to be home but she was so dirty. I had to take a few baby wipes to clean up her white fur.

Chip was so excited that he started to make his strange noises and clicking sounds to get the girls attention. Everyone had to reestablish the "pecking" order so Chip immediately challenged Addison and Becca for dominance. Addison ended up as Queen again, once that was established the others calmed down.

I saw blood on Becca's head and was worried until I realized it had come from Chips scurs. If I hadn't read about Reggie's scurs over at Critter Farm I would have been mortified. I cleaned the blood of Becca's head and put some blood stop and neosporin on Chip and everyone is one big happy family again, until April 1st!


  1. Cool. :o) I can't wait. Kids are so adorable to have around, and I always tried to catch the birth so the kids (mine) could go out and watch and welcome them. Good time to mark them, too.


  2. Faith, I can't wait but I am nervous as I have never tried to manage large animals having babies. The goats will kid first and hopefully the ewes will lamb shortly after - gulp!

    Nancy, Everyone here is all smiles.

  3. What a great blog. I enjoy reading about the goings on at all the different farms. Please stop my and visit me and perhaps follow if you would like. Looking forward to many visits.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I hope you enjoy my blog. We aren't really a farm quite yet, more like a fa..., some day I hope to turn this place into a real homestead!

    The Commander loves Lemon Bars, I stopped by your blog and may try your recipe out!

  5. Oh how exciting. When I was a child, one year we had kittens born on April Fools Day, and no one would believe me! Hopefully everyone will know, from your huge smile, that you're not "kidding" around!

  6. Jess,Somehow I think that goats born on April Fools Day is appropriate! They are such stinkers.