Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleep Over?

In the last week the Guineas have decided to sleep outside of the coop on several occasions. I was hoping that they would sleep up in the pine trees but that hasn't been the case.

Since the snowstorm destroyed the protective netting the Guineas can come and go from the coop area as they please. Their first night out the Guineas decided to sleep on the group in a pile inside the fenced coop area. The next few times they perched on the fence around the coop. Yesterday, as shown in the pictures, the Guineas actually slept on the deck railing by the house.

A week ago Mary over at Big Oaks Farm posted that her Jesse crowed for the first time. It was funny because Leopold crowed for the first time that week as well!

Leopold is still a novice at crowing because he gets confused and has been crowing in the morning AND at dusk every evening. It must be hard being the only rooster and having to also serve as the King of the Guineas.


  1. I have a young rooster that has half a crow. I kept thinking the rest of it would come in at some point....

  2. Love it - King of the guineas! My guineas have now moved from sleeping in the pine tree to sleeping in an old dogwood tree. I still worry about them getting picked off at night by an owl, but so far, I still count 10 of them every day!

  3. They are so cute when they first start crowing.

    I suspect those guineas will eventually move to the trees. I hope so anyhow. Makes for a cleaner porch.


  4. The guineas have been picking on the chickens so we may have to lock them out of the coop...

    Lynn, I worry about them too.

    De/Faith, I am sure some day I will get sick of the crowing, but it won't be soon.

  5. Have you thought about a mirror for the guineas? I've read that they are very fond of gazing at their reflection.

    Love this blog by the way.