Monday, November 29, 2010

Honey the House Chicken

Honey the House Chicken has been acting crazy the past few days. The cabbage I hung yesterday was torn to shreds this morning, as was much of the newspaper lining the kennel. Honey would take turns either flapping her wings or tearing up MORE paper - constantly stomping around loudly with her limp, like some kind of wacky horror movie sound track. The constant noise would be occasionally broken up by a spasm of cackling that would drive the dogs from the room or under the table.

Turns out Honey was trying to build a nest and she produced her first egg, oops.

I got some spare hay that the sheep refused to eat and packed it into a box top to make a nest like container for her to lay in. She is quieter now, but she still likes to decorate the nest with more newspaper.

The shipping box in the hay is a gift from Cat. I will unveil the surprise tomorrow!


  1. That's a good sized egg for a first egg. Some of mine lay walnut sized eggs for their first attempt. I think my hens are coming out of molt - I got two eggs today! Hope the upward trend continues.

    I can't imagine my sheep refusing to eat anything....

  2. Congrats to Honey for her first egg! She must be feeling better!

  3. Good girl, Honey!

    I love surprises, so can't wait to see your present.


  4. Ah, good. You received it. The box for the hen will help, I know that we needed "hidey holes" for the hens to lay, with one exception, she of the "floor egg" division... (I just love trying to work out why animals do what they do...)


  5. Well, at least you figured out what she way trying to tell ya :-)

  6. Aw, how exciting! Hope the little lady is recovering okay.

  7. Nancy, The eggs seem to be about 4/5 the size of store eggs so I'm happy. We have two kinds of hay, the first is almost 100% eaten, the 2nd has a lot of waste - must be too course.

    Lynn, I should have figured it out - she is acting normal again (for a house chicken!).

    Faith, I was very happy when I opened it - Cat was very generous.

    Cat, It arrived safe and sound - thank you so much. I think the chickens are disgusted with my "rookie" status as an owner.

    Frugalmom, I will know next time although I hope we never again have a house chicken with a broken leg.

    LBSS, Honey will be out next week - she is doing great. The egg leads me to believe that her body is out of the recovery business and back in the being a chicken business.

  8. First egg! Good for her and good for you Chai Chai, may she lay many more...

  9. Thank you GrandPa, she laid her second today.