Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Worlds Collide

Chip and Gidget were so lonely while Addison and Becka Boo were gone that I decided to take them with me at night when I fed the rest of the animals. They seemed to take this as an invitation to sample everyone's food. Here Gidget and Chip belly up with the ewes.

Kia isn't sure what to make of her dinner guests.

The fence doesn't stop them from helping themselves to the rams food. I am obviously more wary of the rams that the goats are.

Even the chickens weren't immune. They have one poor pine tree in their coop area and the goats decided it was too tasty to pass up. I'm not sure the goats were as much help as I thought they would be.


  1. Goat Tour of Duty. Looks like they had fun!


  2. That last picture is why my husband wouldn't let me get goats protect the trees (especially orange and lemon). I love goats though - thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Faith, Goats usually do what they think is fun - not always the case for their owners.

    Nancy, We have to keep a close eye on them to save the apple trees, the little rascals.

  4. Looks like they are enjoying themselves. I've lost many young plants and branches of older ones to them goats, so have to shepherd them everytime I let them out

  5. Grandpa, That is exactly what we have to do as well - no unescorted goats because all they do is get into mischief.