Monday, November 1, 2010

What to do with Leaves?

We basically live in the middle of a forest so every Fall we are inundated with leaves. They are everywhere, if we tried to burn them we would probably cause a forest fire. Last year we dumped them into the woods, but since we are trying to turn the woods into pasture that won't work any longer.

We tried piling them up and letting the goats and sheep eat them, but there were just too many. We packed a few away for Winter treats but another solution had to be found.

My dad suggested that we put them into the chicken coop. The Commander thought the idea was silly but he gave it a try. He took tarp loads of leaves into the coop and stuffed them under the coop, into the corners, and eventually had the whole area 6 inches deep in leaves. Notice what the sheep are walking on, shredded leaves.

The chickens and guineas initially were baffled by the massive amount of leaves, but they soon got down to work. They systematically shredded the leaves into pulp. They did such a good job that the Commander filled the coop a second and then a third time. All the leaves are now gone, they make up the floor of the coop area.


  1. Coop bedding sounds like a good use. I would also compost them.


  2. Cool idea! We have a bunch of mature oak trees on our half acre, and no place to dump leaves. I broke down and bought a leaf blower (arg!) and found the "vacuum/shredding" function to work quite well. I filled every compost bin to the top with leaves, expanded the garden a-la lasagna gardening style, and STILL have leaves to deal with. Guess I need to get some chickens... :)

  3. Mary, We have more goat and sheep poo than we know what to do with - compost space is nil.

    Austin, Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I know that an overabundance of almost anything can be overwhelming - but I would love to see fall leaves - all we have is guava and banana leaves (which I do compost with the sheep and horse manure - work great!)

  5. great for gardens - we use the leaves and the goat manure in my mom's large garden

  6. That is amazing - what a great idea! I love having trees around us, but I am glad we don't have a lot on our property.