Friday, November 26, 2010

Wish I had some Global Warming

Yesterday evening the temperature dropped to 2 degrees with a high of 9 degrees on Thanksgiving Day. Today the low was 5 degrees with a high of 19 degrees. The windchill was a brisk -15 degrees!

We have had 4 storms this November here in NE Minnesota that have dropped 4 inches of snow or more. For goodness sakes it isn't even December yet. I was worried about the animals making it through the Winter this year but this is ridiculous.

With this in mind I give you the following video, enjoy.

Sorry about Florida and Big Oaks Farm Mary but there will be plenty of room for you up here!


  1. LOL That's hilarious!

    Accuweather's long range forecast said you guys were in for it this year. I'm so glad your animals are tucked into the gorgeous barn you put in.

    I think you even insulated it, didn't you? You did such a good job on it.


  2. Faith, The newspaper has a story reporting that so far this Fall we have had 27 inches of snow - second only to the 1991 record of 45 inches!

    Schoonover/Lynn - The video is a parody of the song "If I had a Million Dollars", so once I hear it I can't get it out of my head!

  3. Brrrr that's cold - so I shouldn't really complain about the heat here!

  4. Oh for PETE'S sake! You poor thing - we've been told that we're supposed to have a really hard winter this year, too - and, like you, we got our first "hit" while it was still fall, but our snow and temps haven't been anywhere NEAR what you're getting!
    Hang in there - you're doing everything you can to keep your sweet critters warm and safe!

  5. GrandPa, I like the snow, but not this much!

    FarmGirl, I appreciate your encouragement, trying my best to make sure everyone is comfortable. On your next post I am expecting it to begin with; "Oh For Reggie's Sake...", just for balance.

  6. Haaaa....that made me laugh out loud! I'll let Reggie know that you're looking out for him. :-)