Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow Dog

"Did someone say Let's go outside?" Sara LOVES the snow!

Sara loves to catch snowballs. (Faith wanted to see posts of a snowball fight!)

She is so acrobatic, and when the snow gets deeper she will burrow down into it and tunnel like a mole.

Gidget has had enough of the snow and wants to go back inside, NOW!

Sara on the other hand refuses to come in, and lays down in hopes I won't get the Commander to carry her in. "It's the most wonderful time of the year...."


  1. LOL

    What a charmer she is! Sitting so elegantly on the stairwell, then turns into a playful ballerina in the snow.

    Then the fourth photo makes it look like Sara is dancing on top of poor, chilled-to-the-bone Gidget.

    But what about you? I don't see you way-laying the Commander behind the barn with a slush ball. LOL


  2. I can't believe how much she looks like Melly - except Melly is a tri-color. Sara looks wiry but small, like Mel - hard to judge from pictures. I bet Melly would like snow, too. If it snows up on Mauna Kea this winter, we'll have to take her. Balto loves it up there. His fur is so thick.

    I know my 12 year old would very much love to play in beautiful snow like that. He has always wanted a snowball fight.

  3. Faith, I will make sure the Commander gets his - oh yes I will, ha, ha, ha!

    Nancy, Sara is average size - above average energy level.

  4. What a great snow dog!

  5. Growing up in northwestern Illinois, this was the dog I wanted.

  6. Chef Dad, Thank you for stopping by and commenting. When we were researching Border Collies one of the articles mentioned that prospective owners should make sure to get a flock of sheep as well. They are very high energy dogs, but wonderful!

  7. Have you ever noticed that when dogs don't want to do something or be moved they go"limp" LOL.
    Mine does that and with a growl to go with it.