Sunday, November 28, 2010

Water Trolley

Now that I have to replace frozen water buckets twice a day I needed to find a way to lug them through the snow. A snow sled works perfectly! I now have a "bobsled run" between the sheep, goats, and chickens.

Once the water is delivered the sled can be used for sledding with goats. Here is Gidget having fun with my daughter!

Honey the house chicken is now walking around and causing trouble. Whenever I open the kennel she tries to escape, and she actually has a few times. Water - spilled. Food - spilled. I tied up a hunk of cabbage from the top of the kennel to keep her occupied, I think she is getting bored. It won't be long till I take off her cast and then she will be off to the garage to begin the transition back to the coop.


  1. That is a big chore, hauling water around twice a day. I'm glad you found a better way!


  2. Wow, great job on the doctoring! Your daughter is so adorable. LOL Love this photo!

    Looks like you have got the system down. It's so nice to figure out what you need to do, then be able to quit worrying about it. Whew!


  3. Creative problem solving....sure sign your a true homesteader!

  4. Ingenuity! Sounds like Honey is getting a lot better!

  5. That's a clever way with the sled. Your daughter looks like she's having fun alright. And Honey must be feeling much better to be walking around

  6. Mary, Hauling the water was exhausting. The Commander wakes up at 0500 to get the chores started before he goes to work.

    Faith, Thank you. Sometime the work takes a back seat to the fun!

    Elizabeth, Yep - have to make do with what we have sometimes.

    Nancy, Honey will definitely be moving soon.

    GrandPa, True, true and true. Work is better when it is fun.

  7. I think the sled is a great idea!! Im not sure it would be best for my hill up to the barn...but on flat perfect!

  8. Rich is suppose to buy me a "gas tank" that holds 5 gallons to haul water in--that way it will have a spout & shouldn't spill all over....I use the sled method also. My dog Levi loves to help buy pulling the sled rope in his teeth. I wish I could post a pic of him pulling Riley & goat Dominoes in the sled.
    ~Karen Las

  9. Frugalmam, The sled has been a lifesaver. How do you like your snow?

  10. Karen, I think a container that big would be too hard to fill here as we don't have any outdoor faucets that won't freeze. I would love to see that picture!

    Addison and Becca are looking nice and plump, looks like Trapper did a good job! Thank you!